Recipe for Making Your Own Emergency Rations

 Recipe for Making Your Own Emergency Rations

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Here are the basic ingredients:

1. All-purpose Flour – 4 cups (1600 kcal)
2. Vegetable Shortening – 2 cups (3776 kcal)
3. Sugar – 2 cups (1548 kcal)
4. Cornstarch – 1 cup (488 kcal)
5. Honey – 1 cup (1031 kcal)
6. Vanilla Extract – 4 tbsp (208 kcal)

This recipe makes 3 lbs and 12 ozs of uncook dough with 8,651 total calories. That makes about 20 – 3 ozs bars of rations with over 430 calories each. You can play with this recipe by adding other ingredients like nuts, dried fruit or peanut butter but make sure you do not use anything that can become rancid. Good luck.

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